In 12 years of experience, we’ve sold melon, oranges, legs of lamb, soy sprouts, jelly and yoghurt, we´ve installed fibre-optic cables and tried numerous wines. We’ve had to wear glasses and check online auctions while writing radio commercials. We’ve used frying oil and attended olive oil tasting sessions. We’ve got familiar with different scents and fragrances, got to know some active ingredients and deepened our knowledge of agricultural chemicals while we sold insurance.

We are useless at walking in heels but proficient in handling generators, compressors and pneumatic motors. In between photoshoots, we’ve parked vehicles. Oh! That’s right, we’ve also played the roles of real estate agents, paperboys and girls and lottery ticket vendors.

These are some of the experiences we’ve had working with our clients and partners. This multiplicity of skills and knowledge is what underpins Zincodesign – a new project operating in different fields of communication by creating concepts, ideas, identities and images in order to increase brand and product differentiation and value.

Welcome to Zinco!

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