Valérie Lachuer Bijoux

Valerie lived in Africa. It is through Chad that she discovered this continent. The harshness and beauty of this country, but above all the warmth and wealth of its inhabitants will intimately
influence its way of understanding, looking, feeling and creating.

In N’Djaména, she discovered the world of goldsmith with Chadian jewellery craftsmen.

After ten African years, Valérie returned to Europe, to Portugal. She is currently studying for a jewellery diploma. She opens her studio in Lisbon and creates her first collections and in 2014 Valérie imagines and shapes each of her jewellery herself. She works directly with metal. The long process of manufacturing and shaping the metal is the place where its sensitivity is expressed. She finds her inspiration in the romantic French jewellery of the 19th century, but also in the African jewellery, filigree and above all decorated with granules. She revisits these jewels, appropriates them, and reinvents them.

She particularly likes tourmalines for the variety of colours but also for the visual play created by the inclusions often present in these stones. Each piece is made around one or more gems. The choice is made both according to the harmony of the colours and the brightness of the different stones.

Valérie’s jewellery is not just a support for gems but the place where stones and metal are combined, a metal that, when worked by hand, gives the jewellery its personality. Textures and granules create volumes, shadows and contrasts. The light is captured and reflected around the stones by the texture created at the shop. Finally, the manual sanding of the metal gives a soft luminosity to the jewel.