LX Hostel

Our Hostel is located in the heart of the LX Factory. With more than 50 shops and restaurants, the LX Factory is truly a city within the city. All around the Factory, founded in 1846, you will find amazing street art, culture, and industrial architecture.

The LX Factory is situated between the bustling city center and the beaches of Lisbon. The beaches of Lisbon are only a short train ride away and the city center is very easy to reach, 24/7. If you are travelling by car, you can even use one of our free parking lots inside of the LX Factory.

We consider ourselves as a modern hostel that values privacy, comfort, and design. The hostel is made up of a Cubicle concept where every guest enjoys their privacy within one of our shared dorms. Besides the three dorms, our hostel features 2 private rooms with a shared bathroom. One of our Dorms is female, and pets are only allowed in the private rooms.

Our Rooftop terrace is a unique place to enjoy our free breakfast in the morning sunshine. Our bar opens in the afternoon for cocktails, beers, and wines. After the sunset on our rooftop, the LX Factory will have plenty of restaurants to get ready for the night.

Phone: + 351 935 718 413
E-mail: info@lxhostel.pt
Website: www.lxhostel.pt
Instagram: @lx.hostel

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