The 1st great coffee festival in Portugal


From March 22nd to the 24th, Lisbon will be the the stage for the Lisbon Coffee Fest, the first great coffee festival, organised by the AICC (Industrial and Commercial Coffee Association).

Set in the trendy and industrial environment of the LX Factory, the Lisbon Coffee Fest aims to celebrate the coffee culture and gather in the same place everyone who like, work with or want to learn more about this intensely flavoured and strongly scented drink.

Knowing 80% of Portuguese drink coffee daily*, the Lisbon Coffee Fest will allow visitors to partake in coffee tastings, where drinks will range from a variety of formats, as well as allowing visitors to better know the several extraction techniques, savour a wide variety of street foods and take part in workshops and talks, and listen to live musical performances.

During the Lisbon Coffee Fest, the 5th National Baristas Championship will take place, an annual event that will elect the Barista that’ll represent Portugal on the WBC – World Barista Championship, in 2020.

As a Festival that supports the best sustainability practices, all cups will be made from 100% recycled materials and the coffee grounds themselves will be recycled and reused as fertilisers for land farming.

The tickets for the Lisbon Coffee Fest can be acquired on Ticketline and on the usual points of sale.

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