Rutz | Walk in Cork

Rutz was borne out of a passion for footwear and a desire to expand and innovate. It brings together two mainstays of the Portuguese economy: footwear and cork. Its differentiating factors are design, colour and passion for shoes as urban art pieces. The name is a reminder of our roots, our origins and Portuguese traditions, all of which inspire us to create our collections. The name is also a nod towards our routes and the turns we take in our path towards a better future: choosing eco-friendly materials and favouring lightness and comfort. rutz combines seemingly incompatible concepts – past and future, tradition and modernity – into a trendy hybrid: “rurbanism”. Our aim is simple: to inspire women into falling in love with reinvented cork by modernising design and infusing it with colour to create sexy, young and sophisticated urban footwear. For all of these reasons, let’s walk “in” cork!

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