During the month of February the LX Factory will be open to the public, the painting exhibition entitled “retrospectiva” by the painters Inês Canudo and Vítor Hugo Vicente.

This exhibition will be present in the common spaces of the 2nd floor of the LX Factory, with free entrance, being possible to see it every day until 21:30.

With works done since 2004, these two painters present some of their works that they have been producing since then, but mainly they do a retrospective of the last five years, in which there was a smaller amount of work and a greater emphasis in their study, in the chosen themes, in the materials used, in the sought textures.

These works include some versions of paintings by the painter Gustav Klimt, one of the main influences of these two painters who reveal a search for the sense of beauty, abusing the gold leaf, silver and mixed techniques that reveal glimpses, details and attention to detail.

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