Perceptions – a selection of cyanotype works by Wild Fox

Pop-up exhibition – 21/09 to 24/09/2023

Opening event: 21/09/2023, 6 to 8 pm. With the generous support of the Embassy of Belgium in Portugal.

Location: O Gabinete de Madame Thao, LX Factory loft i2-07, Rua Rodrigues de Faria, 103, Lisbon

Free entry

Perceptions” captures the essence of Wild Fox’s work. Drawing inspiration from the intricate quality of perception and fueled by a passion for illusion, Wild Fox embarks on a transformative project.

After years of perfecting the craft of visually pleasing images, Wild Fox now embraces a new artistic direction that dares to challenge the conventional and pushes the viewers to search deeper into their own understanding. Through visual obstacles, this project demands an active engagement from the observer, a willingness to invest thought and contemplation. Wild Fox offers an uncharted terrain by deconstructing the automatic interpretation, guiding the audience to go beyond the familiar.

Wild Fox is a name that works as an emblem of core values such as boundless creativity, commitment, proactivity, and fearless self-expression. This multifaceted artist weaves together the threads of Photography, Design, Art Direction, and activism, forming a tapestry that reflects the pulse of our contemporary world. Mirroring the curiosity of the animal it draws inspiration from, Wild Fox questions societal norms, challenges conventions, and fearlessly dances with clichés, capturing the unseen and the overlooked.

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