Ana Couto & Valérie Lachuer – Jewelry Open Studio

Discover the sensitive and poetic worlds of Ana and Valérie.

Ana and Valérie are two jewelers, each one with their own sensitivity that they pass on through the jewelry they imagine and shape in their workshop-boutique.
They patiently and entirely handmade unique pieces or jewels in very limited editions.

If you have na ideia or you have a gem that you want to mount, Ana and Valérie can advise you and make a piece of jewelry especially for you and made by measure.
Do not hesitate to contact Ana and Valérie to make an appointment to discuss your project.

If you are interested in learning jewelry techniques, you can contact Ana. Ana teaches jewelery as part of a complete program for beginners but also offers tailor-made courses adapted to your objectives.

You can discover Ana and Valérie’s jewelry on their websites:

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Monday to  Friday:10am -5pm
Ana Couto
+351 933 434 650

Valerie Lachuer
+351 912 502 403

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