O dia que a terra parou

The Covid-19 pandemic, the new coronavirus, has thrown thousands of people into mandatory confinement in their homes.

On March 19, 2020, I found myself deprived of continuing to work in the company for which I work. Deprived of leaving my residence, deprived of moving freely, deprived of being or staying with the people I was used to.

The state of emergency has deprived our tiniest liberties, placing each of us the greatest test to be overcome by any human being.

Coerced, encouraged, motivated to document the foam of the days, I was photographing the homemade routine. With images that are relatively easy to create an intimacy or familiarity for each of us, others of a more intimate and personal nature.

By Anton Chekov: we only open our eyes wide when we are unhappy. In the 46 days of confinement, in the hope of the days, I fought the urge and the desire to embrace with the images that were approaching all the time and moment. The worst thing, I think, is not being closed between four walls, but about ourselves.

Isolation can and should allow creation. Empathy for places, for people in the house, for those we have not forgotten, we seek to immortalize through images. The fear and despair of the early days gave way to the apathy of living day after day so similar to the previous one, as we crossed the storm until the calm of accepting the days with the disease.

By protecting ourselves, we protect others. Offering us the civic duty to protect everyone’s health.

The biggest memory, living in a world of memories so fast, we must keep for now that the best of life, as the author wrote, “happiness is only real when shared”.