Hygienic Dress League (HDL) is an American corporation registered in 2007 by husband and wife visual artists Steve and Dorota Coy as a new and original form of art. The corporation serves as a platform for critiquing society, greed and wealth inequality, value, over consumption, the art market, and even the art world itself. HDL emphasizes unique public interventions ranging from fleeting projections, guerilla marketing, video holograms, augmented reality, television commercials, and installation art. Their public interventions have surfaced in over nineteen different cities in nine countries spanning across three continents.



The installation Migration was created using six different still images from a 3D computer animation of a pigeon flying. The still images were used to create 3D printed models. Molds of the 3D models were created to produce recycled aluminum casts, the final product for the installation.

Migration denotes the concept of movement from one place to another whether a bird or a human. Immigration, or migration, is currently a contentious political issue for many countries as topics of resources, culture, nationalism, and human rights often arise. The ‘pigeon,’ our corporate logo and often a misunderstood animal, is universally spread throughout the world often in urban areas. There are 310 species of pigeons and they are likely the most common bird in the world occupying most of it. Pigeons and doves are the same bird. One represents piece and freedom while the other is viewed as a rat with wings creating a bias in our society.

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