Mal Amados Studio

Mal Amados Studio is the home of Portuguese pessimism and of truth-telling t-shirts. A group of people who dislike each other sharing the same space and working together, because they don’t have a choice. A place where freedom is censored, creativity is a lie and Portuguese pessimism is celebrated with a smile. Their mothers don’t like them, and they don’t mind. The t-shirts, art, zines and anything else that can be found in their space reflect their state of mind and what it means to be a poor Portuguese wretch. In a city with more and more tourists everywhere, Mal Amados is also a sort of unofficial tourism bureau offering the best advice for getting lost in the real Lisbon, and hating on it, just like they do. We love to share the glum reality lurking underneath the growing culture of artificiality Lisbon is adopting. You are all welcome to hate with us.