Lx Factory

How it started

In 1846, one of Lisbon’s most significant factories, the weaving and textile company Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos Lisbonense, found its home in Alcântara. In the following years, the 23.000m2 industrial site was occupied by the food processing company Companhia Industrial de Portugal e Colónias and by printers Anuário Comercial de Portugal and Gráfica Mirandela.

After years of being hidden from the public eye, this little fraction of the city has now been unveiled and returned to the community in the form of Lx Factory. This creative hub is fuelled by companies and industry professionals, but it has also been brought to life by an array of different events in fields such as fashion, advertising, communication, multimedia, art, architecture and music, among others, which have encouraged countless visitors to rediscover this part of Alcântara.

What goes on here?

An industrial feel pulses through Lx Factory. It is an experience factory where it is possible to intervene, think, create and present ideas and products in a space that belongs to everyone.


Since day one, we’ve been organising numerous events at Lx Factory that allow visitors to experience its living culture and art.

Open Day is the most prominent event and it takes place biannually at Lx Factory. Find some pictures of the latest editions below.