Hilary & June

Hi, my name is Hilary June Burton. I started designing bespoke jewellery in the spare room of my Bondi Beach apartment and selling it in local markets. In 2010, I established my brand, Hilary & June, and began selling both online and in selected retail stores. In creating a piece of jewellery, I draw inspiration from my love of music, nature and pop culture. All my pieces are personally designed and handmade from locally sourced, quality, hallmarked sterling silver and gold. I am in love with what I do, and I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I love. Creating something beautiful from a plain sheet of metal is my favourite part. But the truly special stage of the process is when I customise each piece. I consider it a privilege and an honour to pass on a message from a husband to his wife, a daughter to her mother, or a father to his son. From a spare room in Sydney to a professional studio at LX Factory, in Lisbon, my brand has expanded. I now have a small but dedicated team working with me. I am very pleased with Hilary & June´s progress and I am excited for what the future will bring.

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