From the streets of the world to LX Factory’s walls // LISBONWEEK + EMUA @LXFACTORY

One of the world’s most well kept secrets of urban art has just landed in Lisbon. The first edition of EMUA – Ephemeral Museum of Urban Art, will take place from the 5th of May to the 25th of July 2021, coinciding with the closing celebration of Lisbonweek’s 6th edition, dedicated to Alcântara.

EMUA will be taking over a building within the LX Factory complex, presenting 4 exhibitions which faithfully reconstitute the various stages of Urban Art’s epic journey. A unique opportunity to marvel at over 100 essential pieces of urban art created by some of the movement’s most highly regarded artists.

Prepare yourself to be dazzled by the works of both Portuguese and international urban art pioneers, including the likes of Banksy, Invader, André Saraiva, Os Gêmeos, Felipe Pantone, Vhils, Futura 2000, Bordalo II, Finok, Jason Revok, and many others.

Getting to know this art form, which began as a form of vandalism, and is known for its subversive, explosive and exultant essence, is our proposal. Urban art has invaded our lives and lit a spark in our eyes, echoing throughout every continent with its radically conceived visual language. A new way to deliver messages to the masses through constant creation, as if each and every artist lay a brick to build their own expression and convey in it a part of their wandering souls.

Over the 3 months of EMUA’s first edition, some of the participating artists will share their knowledge and describe their approach to various techniques, from illustration, stencilling and collage to video and typography, in workshops and activities for both adults and children.

The movie room, where video projections come to life, packed with stimuli for urban art lovers, is also one of the exhibition’s major attractions. Another highlight will be a live mural painting by Holland’s Boris Tellegen, which will take place in the artist’s most familiar surrounding: the street.
And so Urban Art finds a Museum in its own image. EMUA. An ephemeral Museum perfectly suited to its subject’s DNA. Celebrating an art form which appears as quickly as it disappears couldn ́t happen any other way.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy EMUA’s Concept Store and check out a great selection of streetwear, screenprints, timeless objects and many other items related to this artistic movement.

It is also important to mention that EMUA took all the necessary precautions to guarantee a safe event for everyone during this pandemic. For those who’d rather stay at home or can’t make it to Lx Factory for any reason, a detailed virtual tour will be
made available online, allowing you to visit the exhibition from the comfort of your own home.

Also keep an eye out for updates on EMUA’s social media pages, where we’ll be announcing a giveaway featuring a signed print by Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, worth €1000,00.

Tickets will be available through Ticketline, and inside EMUA’s facilities at Lx Factory, at the price of €7 euros. Admission will be free for children under the age of 12.

The Ephemeral Museum of Urban Art is Lisbon Week’s closing event and will be supported by CML (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa), ACTU (Associação Cultural Turística Urbana), and also Gifi, Montana, Águas Luso, Arquivo – Bens Culturais, Lisbon Week, Print Them All, Taschen, Oxigénio e RTP2

For more info please visit:

Lx Factory- Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday
From 11am to 7pm
Mondays and Tuesdays

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