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Usando estruturas acrílicas, fotografias e objectos de maquetagem, Maria Landeau cria candeeiros que dão muito mais do que luz – são peças com um…

Lisbon Crooks and Surfers

Before we were surfers, we were crooks. In fact, we don’t like surfers. We just want to ride waves and building surfboards was an…

Lua Bella Bikinis

Beachwear exclusively designed with the Portuguese ladies in mind. High-quality fabric that favours intimate hygiene and comfort.

Lx Village

Um espaço para estar e visitar. Reunir sob um mesmo teto vários pequenos operadores num mesmo local num conceito de partilha de serviços e…


M.Oculista.LX aims to be seen as an icon that LX Factory’s visitors will want to integrate into their lifestyle. It presents itself as the…

Mag Kiosk

Mag Kiosk opened recently in a shipping container located at the entrance of LX Factory and sells high-quality publications. They seek to make available…

Mal Amados Studio

Mal Amados Studio is the home of Portuguese pessimism and of truth-telling t-shirts. A group of people who dislike each other sharing the same…

More than Wine

MoreThanWine aims to be a place where wine is merely the starting point of a discovery journey through a world of aromas and flavours….

Muito Muito

Located in LX Factory, Muito Muito sells charming antiques as collectibles or decoration pieces.