Mal Amados Studio

Mal Amados Studio is the home of Portuguese pessimism and of truth-telling t-shirts. A group of people who dislike each other sharing the same…

More than Wine

MoreThanWine aims to be a place where wine is merely the starting point of a discovery journey through a world of aromas and flavours….

Muito Muito

Located in LX Factory, Muito Muito sells charming antiques as collectibles or decoration pieces.


Nae is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand offering a fair, animal-friendly alternative that respects nature and stands against human exploitation. It offers those who…


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Pequeno Jardim

O Pequeno Jardim, Florista portuguesa tradicional nasceu oficialmente em 1922. Desde então, tornou-se um ponto de paragem obrigatório por inspirar com todas as suas cores e perfumes de todo…

Print Factory

We set up shop at LX Factory in 2012. However, the services we offer are the result of over twenty years of experience in…

Pura Cal

A passion for space and objects is what gave rise to Pura Cal. Established in October 2010, Pura Cal is, above all, a concept,…


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Rutz | Walk in Cork

Rutz was borne out of a passion for footwear and a desire to expand and innovate. It brings together two mainstays of the Portuguese…