Matchama is a fusion space of excellence, where Peruvian and Asian cuisine are shared, inside and outside, sweet and salty, hot and cold. Matchamama…

Ni Michi

If nothing didn’t exist, nothing would exist.Ni Michi is a reverence for Amazonian roots, respect for nature, for indigenous good living. Here, doing nothing…

Micro Burgers & Music

Micro Burgers & Music, that place where you can always find something delicious to eat, drink and listen to. Instagram:


It´s more then a brewery in LX Factory, BEERS a space not to be missed Do you know the latest beer space at LX…


Cantina resulted from the restoration and conversion of the space, furniture and equipment that once belonged to printer Mirandela, and to others before that….

Landeau Chocolate

A divine beverage, consumed by gods, the initiator of romance, a substitute for absent lovers and enhancer of restrained sensuality. It has been exchanged…

Malaca Too

Exquisite cuisine inspired by Portuguese seafaring explorations in the East and Far East.  

Messe Pizzaria

The typically Italian setting and the table’s placing in the room mean that sharing and socialising are on the main menu. In addition to…