Welcome to Merc’art Merc’art is a transient art market that was lauched in 2016 and had its third edition in 2018. In less then 3…

Think Orange

Hello! Think Orange is a studio that helps companies design and build products to improve their online business.  

Expansion Company

Expansion Company was borne out of Urban Match, a student-founded company that aims to launch products for urban development through software and civil engineering….


Founded in 2017, Mohit is an agency that focuses on the management of artists in the music and entertainment industry and on event production.

Stand Clear

Our team of doctors, artists, educators and engineers work diligently to develop innovative digital tools to improve healthcare provision. Our videogames aim to support…

Milk & Black

We are a communication and storytelling agency creating and implementing stories as a form of communicating brand identities. We believe in the power of…

High end Comunicators

We are a communication, marketing, public relations and design agency focusing on the art, fashion and cultural markets.

Rosario Badessa

Rosario Badessa is an architectural visualisation studio based in Lisbon that focuses on unbuilt architecture, rendering, infographics and 3D visualisation.

Pedro Sottomayor Design Industrial

Pedro Sottomayor Design Industrial was established at Lx Factory in 2009. The company offers industrial design and consulting services, research, conception, development, execution and…

Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi is a communication design studio exploring commercial and research projects in visual identity, web and interactive design.