Feel Brand Management

Our aim is to establish strategic partnerships with our clients in order to increase brand awareness and growth.

H Consulting

H Consulting is a consultancy company specialising in the Portuguese real estate market. Its portfolio holds a considerable number of local and foreign real…

High end Comunicators

We are a communication, marketing, public relations and design agency focusing on the art, fashion and cultural markets.

Isabel Pinto Photographer

I am a photographer from Portugal with Mozambican roots, currently based in Cape Town. I shoot everywhere, as I am touched by our beautiful…

Major West

Major West is a new creative production company based in Lisbon and it is part of The Gang Network. It is formed by people committed to providing…

Milk & Black

We are a communication and storytelling agency creating and implementing stories as a form of communicating brand identities. We believe in the power of…


Founded in 2017, Mohit is an agency that focuses on the management of artists in the music and entertainment industry and on event production.

Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi is a communication design studio exploring commercial and research projects in visual identity, web and interactive design.

Nebula Studios

Nebula is an audio-visual producer particularly focused on 3D animation and visual effects applied to any traditional or digital support.

Nerve Atelier de Design

Nerve Atelier de Design offers services in various creative fields, such as identity, museography and space design. Our multidisciplinary team delivers a turnkey service…