Conservation Practice

Conservation Practice is a cultural heritage consultancy company. It coordinates institutions, owners, promoters and project planners for intervention on a property or historic complex….

Major West

Major West is a new creative production company based in Lisbon and it is part of The Gang Network. It is formed by people committed to providing…

Rosario Badessa

Rosario Badessa is an architectural visualisation studio based in Lisbon that focuses on unbuilt architecture, rendering, infographics and 3D visualisation.  


It could be just another social media and digital marketing management company, but it isn’t. It is unique. Find out why.  


In 12 years of experience, we’ve sold melon, oranges, legs of lamb, soy sprouts, jelly and yoghurt, we´ve installed fibre-optic cables and tried numerous…


The purpose of Capvest Advis’ investment in Lisbon is to capitalize on the opportunity to contribute towards the recovery of the Portuguese economy, benefitting…


Production of commercials, production for new media and photography.  


Mohit is an agency based at LxFactory in Lisbon, dedicated to talent management in the fields of entertainment, music and sports, as well as…