The purpose of Capvest Advis’ investment in Lisbon is to capitalize on the opportunity to contribute towards the recovery of the Portuguese economy, benefitting from a significant readjustment after the prices reached during the 2007 market peak. Since its establishment in 2014, Capvest Advis has already completed several acquisitions. The first project is a mixed-use development comprising eight apartments, a commercial area and a two-storey underground car park in the heart of Lisbon. The second project is the conversion of an existing services property into a modern multi-family residential building.

With renewed optimism and a record number of visitors and investors, Lisbon has come out of a period of stagnation to claim its indisputable place as a leading travel destination amongst other European capitals.

Headquartered in Lisbon and with a local team of established and highly experienced professionals, Capvest Advis selects and assesses real estate investments and sees architecture projects through, from conception to completion.

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