It´s more then a brewery in LX Factory,
BEERS a space not to be missed
Do you know the latest beer space at LX Factory? It´s time to find out more about this place which, as the name indicates, has Beer as its protagonist. Beer is the perfect company in this space and goes well with the varied snack menu – Crackling Beers, Prawns with Garlic, Rotos Eggs, truffled Burrata, among other that are equally delicious- , and with irresistible fish and meat dishes by Chef Carlos Augusto, a culinary lover who as been surprising the world public with it´s gastronomic proposals.
Characterized by its diverse menu that uses beer in many dishes, you can also travel and discover more about one of the most popular drinks in the world, through workshops on the raw materials of beer, styles, flavors, harmonisations, stories and many other trivia about this universe.
All beer lovers have a wide selection to try, including 12 draft beers and several others in bottle, to toast with friends.
In addition to offering the opportunity to taste different styles of beer, BEERS will also be the place to learn a little more about the brewing process of an old microbrewery, which illustrates some parts of the brewing process.
It also has a group table (up to 14 people), where you can buy a keg of beer and have the customers draw their own draft beer.
And because this space still has a lot to talk about, don’t miss the artistic intervention that Studio Astolfi created for the space’s façade that celebrates the universe of beer through the creation of a ‘kit’ of pieces that convey the essence of the product. Each part of the kit was designed highlighting the main axes of Beer’s history, such as socializing, celebration, joy, the beach, football, seafood, navigation and discoveries. The “kit” was built with two-dimensional and three-dimensional metallic parts, lacquered in red.
Beers has a capacity for around 100 people and has an indoor terrace.
Tel: 213 640 804

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