Balneário is the physical home of Planobaú – an association for the promotion of creative ventures founded in April 2011, the main purpose of which is to encourage the convergence of different fields and types of artistic expression. Balneário is a multidisciplinary space with an integrated work platform, where creative and cultural activities that are open to the public are showcased. Balneário is divided into sub-areas of varying sizes and features, meeting different needs: Porta, intervention mural | Corredor, exhibition and performance area (23m2) | Balneário, multi-purpose room: exhibitions + workshops + screenings + concerts (37m2) | Sala Ping Pong, meeting room (18m2) | Atelier 01, individual workspace (10m2) | Vestiário, integrated work area + lounge (73m2) | Atelier 02, individual workspace (26m2) | Atelier 03, individual workspace (20m2) | Serviços, kitchenette + toilets + fiber-optic internet.