Act – Escola de Actores

Act is an actor training school founded in 2001 by António-Pedro Vasconcelos, Elsa Valentim, João Canijo, Jean-Paul Bucchieri, Nicolau Breyner and Patrícia Vasconcelos.

Fundamentally focused on Film and Television, Act offers a professional acting course with a duration of three academic years, as well as various workshops throughout the year. Since opening, Act has already trained dozens of actors, the majority of which is currently working in film, television, theatre or commercials.

Professionals like André Nunes (Nuno in TVI´s “Feitiço de Amor”), Rita Brutt (Isabel in RTP1’s “Conta-me Como Foi”), Anabela Moreira (Lúcia in João Canijo’s film “Mal Nascida” and nominated for a prize at Globos de Ouro 2009), Juana Silva (Margarida in RTP1’s “Pai à Força”), Sandra Santos (Nani in RTP1’s “Conta-me Como Foi”), Ruben Gomes (Francisco in RTP1’s “Liberdade 21!”) and Pedro Carvalho (Kiko in TVI’s “A outra”) all took their first steps at Act and are now reputable actors.

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