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Carlota Barnabe

Carlota Barnabe é uma marca de roupa para bebés, crianças e adolescentes até aos 14 anos. As nossas peças são produzidas num material confortável…

Valérie Lachuer Bijoux

Hello! My name is Valérie Lachuer and I am a French jeweller who fell in love with Portugal a few years ago and decided…

Hillary & June

Hilary&June is a Jewellery atelier and concept store, by Australians, Hilary and Steven Burton. They moved to Portugal a few years ago and fell…

Xuz – Handmade Lovers

Xuz is a fully Portuguese brand with an inborn will to take tradition and reimagine it in the light of modernity by blending traditional…


M.Oculista.LX aims to be seen as an icon that LX Factory’s visitors will want to integrate into their lifestyle. It presents itself as the…

Lua Bella Bikinis

Beachwear exclusively designed with the Portuguese ladies in mind. High-quality fabric that favours intimate hygiene and comfort.

More than Wine

MoreThanWine aims to be a place where wine is merely the starting point of a discovery journey through a world of aromas and flavours….

Tsuri Studio

Tsuri Studio – Light and paper design. Tsurí Studio creates handmade lamps with carefully selected paper, making each lamp a unique and authentic piece….