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Misari jewelry workshop

        "... MISARI in oriental astrologie is connected to venus and the color blue. But it's also a symbol of harmony and compassion. I'm passionnated by jewels , so naturally I turned towards metal work. Despite a rich artistic formation at the national school of fine arts, rue Bonaparte in Paris, it is no coincidence if Ichoose jewellery to express my creativity. Fascinated since my childhood by ornament and the uncluterred forms of primitiv jewelry I recently decided to finally jump in. I've always drawn and created objects, my artistic formation is condiderably helping me. I am creating a jewelry closer to sculpture than traditionnel jewelry. Tribal and primitive art is an eternal source of inspiration. A jewel from Misari is a unique piece, timeless, and is passed on from generation to generation.... ». Unique or in series, each pieces is handmade and may show slight differences from one another. All is made in Portugal in my workshop.                                                                                                                                                           Sophie Cossé, designer for Misari.
t. +33(0)6 26 33 15 66 (France)
t. 932 047 200 (Portugal)
f. misaribijoutiercreateur@gmail.com
w. www.misari.fr