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Mal Amados - Home of Portuguese Pessimism

MAL AMADOS STUDIO Home of the Portuguese pessimism   ​"​T-shirts that tell the truth​"​   A group of people that don´t like each other, but share the same space and work together, because they don´t have other option.    A place where freedom is censured, creativity sucks and portuguese pessimism is celebrated with a smile on the face. Their mothers don´t like them and they are somewhat proud of that.    The ​T​-shirts, ​A​rt​, zines​ and everything found in their place, reflects their state of mind and what being a poortuguese is really all about.   In a city with more and more tourists everywhere, MAL AMADOS are also a kind of Unofficial Tourism Office, giving you the best tips for you to get lost in the real Lisbon and hate it​,​ like th​ey do.     ​We love to share unhappiness and reality, in a more artificial city and culture​,​ ​that Lisbon is becoming.​   Poortuguese but happy​, everyone is welcome