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BACK - Brand Advertising Communication Knowledge

BACK is a communication and brand activation agency.   Born in Angola, BACK Luanda, started as exclusive partner for existing brands in the Angolan market. Aiming to grow our business and further expand our creativeness, we have taken our vision and know how to another Portuguese speaking country opening an agency in Mozambique, BACK Maputo.   To strengthen relationships and respond to client needs, we have recently opened an agency in Portugal, BACK Lisboa, focused in promoting communication between the brands whose intentions are investing either in Angola or Mozambique. BACK´s experience in such a complexed market as the African, places BACK as an "interpreter" between brands and consumers.  Welcome Back! BACK Luanda - Angola | BACK Maputo - Mozambique | BACK Lisbon - Portugal  
t. 351 210 961 385
w. www.backcommunication.com