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FIT ON LAB - Safe Training Smart Planning

FIT ON LAB appears as a project that defends the old maxim "Mente sã Corpo são", being based on a unique, essential and differentiating concept in the area of fitness, therapeutic rehabilitation, preventive gymnastics and well-being - SAFE TRAINING , SMART PLANNING. We carefully plan all kinds of exercises, taking into account the motivation, the existing deficits and the objectives to achieve, through safe, balanced and healthy training centered on the individuality of the person. We bet on specialized technicians and with vast experience in the different areas, being prepared to serve all type of clients. FIT ON LAB values the human being as a whole, combining knowledge and adaptability.   FIT ON LAB Safe Training Smart Planning LX FACTORY Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, Ed. K 0.03 1300-501 Lisboa T 213 620 568 M 963 785 464 ONLINE info@fitonlab.pt www.fitonlab.pt
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